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  • About.com: Law [IA][Direct] - Discusses legal issues, lists events, and provides resources.
  • AKO Titanic Virtual Trial [IA][Direct] - Providing a lesson in the U.S. legal system through the process of a mock trial based on actual events from the Titanic disaster.
  • CommonLaw.com [IA][Direct] - For all who enjoy legal history and theory.
  • Jurweb Bayreuth: Jurweb overview [IA][Direct] - Attempts to make the legal resources of the Internet more easily available by providing links.
  • Law and Legislation [IA][Direct] - Collection that should allow interested readers to acquire greater general competence in issues of contemporary American legal theory.
  • LawInfo [IA][Direct] - Use our searchable database to find an attorney, and check out Continuing Legal Education Online, available soon at LawInfo!
  • Law.Net [IA][Direct] - Designed to be a one-stop legal information resource for the Internet.
  • Law Practice Management Page [IA][Direct] - Features original articles of interest to attorneys, and in fact to anyone who manages a business
  • LawRights [IA][Direct] - Free legal information for England and Wales.
  • Lawstuff [IA][Direct] - With information about legal rights, helpful legal contacts and toons; for Australian people under 18.
  • LawTalk - From Indiana University [IA][Direct] - LawTalk is a service provided by Indiana University. Each segment deals with some aspect of Law or Legal Studies and is authored by a faculty member from either the IU School of Law in Bloomington or the IU School of Law in Indianapolis.
  • Lawyers.com [IA][Direct] - Free, online consumer version of the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.
  • Legal Domain Network, The [IA][Direct] - World-Wide Web read access to law-related USENET discussion
  • Legal Link [IA][Direct] - Free legal advice on topics from personal injury and estate planning, to family law, including jury verdicts.
  • MegaLaw.com [IA][Direct] - Includes links, search engine, research information, and more.
  • Quid Pro Quo [IA][Direct] - Law outlines, research, employment information, lawyer jokes, and more.
  • Radical Jurisprudence [IA][Direct] - Links to alternative and experimental law sites.
  • Student Law Centre [IA][Direct] - Sponsored by the BPP Law School in Great Britain.
  • TheLAW.com [IA][Direct] - Former New York Mayor Ed Koch and his team provide legal information, forms, and online help.
  • USLaw.com [IA][Direct] - Offers legal advice about general practice or family issues as well as a library and lawyer directory.
  • Virtual Flash [IA][Direct] - Free, interactive law study aid. Offers a place to study law school subjects or explore the law of countries around the world.
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